Clearwell Group

A Family office investment Advisory Firm

Facilitating Strong Family Culture.

Building a lasting legacy of significance and stewardship.

We facilitate strong family culture through investment management, estate planning, philanthropic advisory and family business consulting. Clearwell Group invests in public securities and private businesses.

Direct Investments

Clearwell Group makes control and meaningful minority investments in companies located in the southeastern United States, with a focus on the state of Florida. We invest with the belief that businesses should generate positive investment return in addition to positive significance. We support high-integrity entrepreneurs with a collaborative approach to creating value that leverages experience and network. This aligns our interests with management to achieve the best possible outcome with the right amount of capital over the right period of time. Unlike the traditional fund structure, we bring patient capital to bear without artificial time constraints. Industries of particular interest include manufacturing, business services, healthcare, software, and financial services. Read more about our investment criteria here.

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