Private Equity

A Family of Businesses

Our Goal

Build a family of businesses, continuing the legacies started by great family entrepreneurs through our direct investment efforts.

We work with exceptional, entrepreneurial-minded management teams
with a vision for growth.

We welcome family businesses into our family and are committed to building lasting, well-capitalized, meaningful businesses and brands.

How we Build a Family of Businesses

Clearwell Group makes control equity investments in companies located in the southeastern United States with a focus on the state of Florida. We invest with the belief that businesses should generate positive investment return in addition to positive significance. We support high-integrity entrepreneurs with a collaborative approach to creating value that leverages experience and network. This aligns our interests with management to achieve the best possible outcome with the right amount of capital over the right period of time.

Unlike the traditional fund structure, we bring patient capital to bear without artificial time constraints. We are committed to building lasting and well-capitalized businesses. Industries of particular interest include manufacturing, business services, environmental services, healthcare, software, and financial services.

Through our investments, we have the privilege of supporting nearly 1,000 jobs across several companies throughout the southeast United States.

Investment Criteria

headquartered companies

$2+ million EBITDA

Control equity investments

Our Approach

Work with high-integrity

Bring patient capital
to bear

No artificial time

Collaborative approach
with management

Leverage the experience
and network of all partners

Provide the right amount
of capital over the right
period of time


Gaskins LeCraw


Engineering and Surveying

Initial Investment

November 2021

Valor Environmental


Environmental Services

Initial Investment

May 2021

Advanced Drying Systems



Initial Investment

July 2019

Iron Container



Initial Investment

November 2016



Tech-Enabled Services

Initial Investment

January 2017




Initial Investment

October 2015

Real Estate

We invest in commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential properties with a strong preference for opportunities in the Southeast United States. We are not income investors, but rather focus on the total return potential of each property and the opportunity to add value beyond rehabilitation.

Tell us about your business. We’d love to learn more.